Laser Cold Sore Treatment: FAQs

What is a cold sore?

Cold sores are blisters that form around the mouth or on the lips that often begins with a tingling, burning, or itching sensation in the said areas, which eventually turns into small, liquid-filled bumps.

How does one get a cold sore?

A cold sore is usually caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1), which may be triggered by close physical and intimate contacts like kissing, sharing of utensils, or other personal belongings like towels. It may also be caused by external factors such as stressful situations in one’s life.

What helps heal a cold sore fast?

A cold sore usually disappears between two to three weeks without treatment.

Can you get rid of a cold sore overnight?

No, it takes several days for a cold sore to go away.

Can you permanently cure cold sores?

Cold sores have the tendency to recur, but it’s definitely curable. Despite the long days of waiting, cold sores can be cured and it won’t leave a scar, provided that you are not irritating it by touching or pricking with your hands.

What cures cold sores naturally?

Some natural cures for cold sores involve home remedies like applying ice on the blisters, aloe vera gel, or antiviral medications.

How can you cure cold sores?

There are many remedies available for cold sores that may be done with home remedies or prescribed medications, but there are faster, and more advanced treatment options available like Laser Cold Sore Treatment!

How does Laser Cold Sore Treatment work?

Laser Cold Sore Treatment is a breakthrough in the field of dental technology where it utilizes laser light. At Infinite Dental Wellness, we take pride in our Epic™ Diode Laser, a painless and effective tool, that can speed up the healing process of sores. It reduces inflammation and relieves any pain caused by the blisters. It creates something like a “bandage” that lessens the chances of the sore from getting further infection.

Is a Laser Cold Sore Treatment painful?

The Infinite Wellness’ Epic™ Diode Laser is painless and effective in a matter of minutes.

Can cold sores heal in 3 days?

This will depend on the method of treatment. Laser treatment may reduce the healing process from weeks to a number of days.

How can I heal my cold sore fast?

Getting a Laser Cold Sore Treatment can be your fastest ticket to getting rid of cold sores.

Is a cold sore contagious?

Yes, it is, and it may even spread through other parts of the body when physical contact is continued.

What do I need to prepare for before undergoing Laser Cold Sore Treatment?

One of the most important things in preparation is not harming your cold sore even more.

Are there any food restrictions after getting a Laser Cold Sore Treatment?

Refrain from eating acidic foods such as soda, sour-based flavor, and ingredients as well as hot and spicy foods.

Does laser really help cold sores?

It does; it’s known to be quicker and more effective than prescribed drug medications.

What are the symptoms of Cold Sores?

Cold sores symptoms usually include itching, swelling of the lip and mouth area. It may also include sore throat.

How do I avoid getting cold sores?

Maintaining healthy personal hygiene is one way to avoid cold sores. It is best to refrain from sharing personal belongings like towels, razors, and even utensils. Moreover, it is best to avoid any contact with infected bodily fluids which may be obtained through kissing an infected person.

Where in Glendale, CA can I get a Laser Cold Sore Treatment?

At Infinite Dental Wellness, where we offer a cutting-edge technology called Epic™ Diode Laser that can treat your cold sores as quickly and as efficiently as possible!

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