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California Adventure TV Visiting Infinite Dental Wellness

California Adventure TV makes a visit to Infinite Dental Wellness and takes a tour from Dr. Kiraj. Infinite Wellness’ Dr. Kiraj believes that preventative dental health is very important because of the major risk factors that unhealthy dental health can have to your whole body and that’s why his practice’s philosophy is a holistic approach. Dr. Kiraj uses only safe dental materials in his office and is proud to have a Green office, which is safe and productive in keeping our environment healthy.

Dr. Kiraj Joins Mother Love on LA Talk Radio

Dr. Kiraj joins Mother Love on LA talk radio and speaks about how he uses a minimal invasion approach with his dentistry. Dr. Kiraj believes that he does not need to use invasive treatments or procedures if not necessary. He believes in a minimal invasion approach, which is possible when a patient has good oral hygiene and frequent dental visits every 4-6 months. Dr Kiraj also stresses how important flossing is to your dental health and to not ever use a toothpick which can cause more harm than good to your teeth and gums. He also talks about the latest advancement in dentistry.

Hayer Magazine Featuring Infinite Dental Wellness and Its Doctors

Hayer Magazine features Dr. Kiraj of Infinite Dental Wellness on how Infinite Dental Wellness office is a “Green Dentistry” practice and how we save water and conserve energy with the medical equipment that he utilizes. Using biodegradable products, there is no doubt that Infinite Dental Wellness is up to date with all the latest medical updates and advances. Dr. Kiraj addresses his focus on “preventative dentistry”; a practice which actually benefits patients in the long run.