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Porcelain Veneers in Glendale, CA generally cost between $500-$2K per tooth.
Porcelain veneers are worth it and considered the best as they last for 10 years or more. They’re a long-term investment for that beautiful smile.
Porcelain veneers may not be considered as a permanent procedure but they can last for decades as long as you take care of them properly.
The teeth under your veneers can still definitely accumulate plaque and tartar. If cavities develop on your teeth, they might not be able to support your veneers.
One of the disadvantages of dental veneers is that it is irreversible because a dentist must remove a thin layer of enamel before they fit veneers over teeth.
When you get veneers, we highly suggest getting them on all of your most visible teeth for a cohesive look. But, your cosmetic dentistry can apply just 4 veneers on your front teeth as well.
There are several options available for those who need a low-cost dental treatment. Visit our Dental Office in Glendale CA or contact us for more information!
Frontal veneers in Glendale can cost around $925-$2,500 per tooth and can last 10 to 15 year with proper treatment and care.
A full set of veneers can cost between $10K-$40K depending on your consultation with a Dentist in Glendale, CA.
Most dental clinics offer a numbing solution for the first part of your veneer process. Once you are numb, you shouldn’t feel any pain.
Lumineers in Glendale, CA cost between $1K-$2K per tooth.
The average cost of Lumineers is typically around $800-$2K. Traditional veneers range from $1K-$2,500 per tooth.
Lumineers may not look as natural as porcelain veneers but they will be more opaque white.
Lumineers are the strongest and may last as long as 20 years and that’s about twice as long as traditional porcelain veneers.
Yes! Teeth Bonding is less expensive than veneers, although it doesn’t last as long and is not as durable as veneers.
No. Lumineers are semi-permanent unlike traditional veneers. After application, they can still be removed with minimal damage to your teeth.
Yes! Lumineers stay bright and white for years. These specialized veneers can last 20 years and more.
Lumineers are perfect for fixing crooked teeth without undergoing a traditional braces treatment.
No, your dentist must shave your enamel for porcelain or composite veneers. Getting shaved teeth for veneers is a permanent process because enamel can’t regrow.