Caring For Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants Glendale, CA

For those missing teeth, a mini dental implant could be the quick, permanent and lifelike solution. Used to complete the smile by replacing missing teeth, mini dental implants work much like regular implants. The post on mini implants is smaller, and allows for placement in a single day. Rather than having to wait for months as a regular implant fuses with the bone, mini dental implants can be placed in a single appointment and used just like a natural tooth shortly after.

What are mini dental implants used for?

Best used for patients who have lost sufficient bone volume, mini dental implants allow for a minimally invasive procedure with quicker results. The mini dental implant post (the part of the implant that acts as the artificial tooth roots) is smaller than a traditional implant post. This allows the post to remain stable with less bone in the area.

These mini versions of traditional dental implants offer pain-free placement, quicker recovery times and a viable prosthetic tooth that can last for decades with proper care. Mini implants are often used in older patients who have lost bone volume in their jaws. These implants can hold dentures in place, or be used to replace a single missing tooth.

Those who are approved for mini dental implants can get the procedure done as soon as possible. There is usually very little preparation needed for recovery post-op.

Caring for your mini dental implants

Immediately following mini dental implant surgery, the dentist will give the patient instructions to ensure a speedy recovery. Since mini dental implants are less invasive than traditional implants, the recovery will likely be milder as well. Post-op recovery is just as important as the surgery to ensure the functionality of mini dental implants.

Liquid foods are recommended in the first few days following surgery. A liquid diet for the first 3 days is best to make sure that nothing irritates or gets caught in the surgical wound as it heals. Make sure not to use straws to drink through, as the suction can dislodge any dressings from the surgical site. Semi-liquid foods like mashed potatoes and soft pasta can be introduced on the third day after surgery.

To minimize postoperative bleeding, a cold black tea bag can be applied to the area. Bite down on the moistened tea bag to reduce swelling and help with clotting. A cold compress can also be used to eliminate swelling and bruising. A little bleeding is normal after surgery, but profuse bleeding for long periods of time may signal an issue with the stitching. Call the dentist right away if bleeding does not stop with gauze, pressure or the application of a tea bag.

Resting and staying hydrated in this crucial period of time after the implant has been placed is the best thing to do for recovery. Make sure to keep the area clean, gently brushing teeth and using any antibacterial mouthwashes the oral surgeon provides. Sleep with the head elevated, and avoid snacking after surgery.

Mini dental implants, a lifelike solution for missing teeth

After the wound has healed, the new mini dental implant can be used much like a natural tooth. If it is being used to support other oral devices, such as dentures or fixed bridges the dentist will provide specific care instructions to make sure the implant stays in place for as long as possible. Call our office today to schedule a consultation and get the smile you have always wanted with mini dental implants.

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